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Manage your home with a Tulsa Vivint app

The easy-to-use Tulsa Vivint mobile app helps control all your Vivint devices

Setting your residential security and home automation systems has never been more simple. Thanks to your Tulsa Vivint App, you can remotely control your whole security system with a few clicks on a screen. Set your system to secure your home. View live video streams or utilize the two-way talk channel on your home security cameras. Or set your lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock your doors when you're away from home. Through your Tulsa mobile app, you have a powerful central hub that conveniently fits in your pocket.

Your Tulsa Vivint app helps keep your family safe

The Vivint App empowers your home security and automation components to fit your unique needs. With only a few swipes on your mobile device, you’re able to:

Control your residential security system: Power on your devices and alarms as you head off to bed each night, or unlock your home remotely when visitors drop by while you're away. Or program your Tulsa home security system to arm at a predetermined time.

See HD video from your cameras: Monitor current feeds of your Tulsa security cameras in high resolution. Or receive 20-second short video alerts on your phone.

Create a more efficient home: Set your lighting to a more comfortable level, or look at your app to know if you left your lights on prior to leaving on errands. Automatically lower the thermostat at bedtime. Then program your thermostat to warm up your home before you start your day.

Unlock and lock your doors: Manage one-time codes for maintenance workers, or unlock your doors from wherever you are. Receive alerts to your phone when people show up to your house. You can even see if you left the garage door up.

Sync security and automation systems together: The real benefit of a Vivint system is knowing that your home automation and home security systems work as one. Program your security system, lights, thermostat, and other smart devices to respond to a timer. Putting your house to night mode just takes a quick touch of a button.

Built with the basics in mind so everything works as it should

Unlike companies that rely on third-party control centers and devices, Vivint created their app from from the beginning as key component for all their products. This means every component functions as it should upon setup. Brand-new home security or automation devices can easily sync with the app, so your automated system can adapt when your lifestyle requires. And because every component works in perfect harmony with basic commands, it’s a breeze to quickly set custom actions.

Control your smart home with Amazon Echo or Google Home

Sync your Vivint system with your chosen voice assistant to use your devices without your phone. Simply ask Amazon Echo or Google Home to turn down the thermostat, turn on the lights, or unlock the doors. Or inform your assistant that you’re stepping out, and they’ll lock your doors and arm your alarms as soon as you leave.

Call today to order your home security system with the powerful Vivint Smart Home App in Tulsa

Simply dial (918) 731-3376 or complete the form to learn how the Vivint App can revolutionize your residential security system. A Vivint pro will evaluate your security needs and tailor the ideal system for you. For your no-obligation quote, call today!