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How to use smart light bulbs in your Tulsa home

February 19, 2024
Person adjusting a smart light through an app on their phone

Were you aware you can enhance your property’s security and convenience in an instant by merely switching out a light bulb? It really is that easy. See how to use smart light bulbs in your Tulsa home and why you ought to add them to your security system.

What Are Smart Light Bulbs, And How Do They Function?

Smart light bulbs look no different than standard ones and fit directly into your existing fixtures. There’s no need for an electrician or special tools. The “smart” part is a reference to how they can bridge to home networks wirelessly. This functionality makes them accessible from your cell phone, tablet, and even your home’s security.

The wireless connection is typically done through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or another communication protocol such as Zigbee or Z-Wave. Some types of smart light bulbs have a bridge or hub linking them to other smart components and your router. This hub is beneficial as it keeps your smart light bulbs away from your principal Wi-Fi channel. Some lights also are accompanied by switches that install simply over traditional ones.

Why Link Smart Light Bulbs In Tulsa To Your Home Security System?

You will appreciate the chance to access your smart bulbs wirelessly. You can adjust and flip lights on or off from a helpful smartphone app. You don’t need to use your hands at all, as you may operate lighting with straightforward spoken commands. But smart light bulbs in Tulsa offer even more when you connect them to your home’s security. Here are some examples of the modern functionality that’s available:

  • Create rules that include other security components. For example, if your exterior surveillance camera perceives dubious movements, it can trigger your foyer lights to come on. Smart light bulbs are an effective criminal deterrent.
  • Set your foyer light to turn on whenever your primary entrance is unlocked.
  • Have interior lights turn on whenever a safety gadget like a fire alarm or CO detector is triggered.
  • Implement schedules and make it seem like your home is in use when you’re at work or on vacation. Some smart homes even offer a designated “Away Lighting” setting that simulates the unpredictable light patterns of an inhabited home at night. Schedules will also help reduce your electrical use, saving you money over the long haul.

Even if you neglect to program a schedule when you leave, you can still effortlessly access and govern smart light bulbs via your handy smartphone app.

Request Smart Light Bulbs In Tulsa With Your Vivint Smart Home

Design automations, program schedules, and benefit from easy access to your smart devices with a Vivint home security system. Our technicians can provide ideas on how to use smart light bulbs in your Tulsa home and help you get started with the smartphone app. If you want to add safety and convenience to your household, contact Vivint today at (918) 731-3376 or submit the straightforward form below.